Tom & Rob met fortuitously in 2007 when Tom sold Rob’s wife a flat that he had designed and put through planning. Lauren loved the design Tom had come up with and Rob loved the idea of building it. The project ended up being a great success for all of them and the next step was obvious!
In truth for some time Tom and Rob had both been frustrated with the confines of corporate life and longed to do something more entrepreneurial! Rob left his QS job and Tom left the city and together they formed Style and Space. In the early years the days were long and the lessons hard as they got to grips with managing an increasing number of staff and a rapidly growing client base not least in the aftermath of the 2007/8 recession. However as every entrepreneur knows there wasn’t a day they didn’t feel alive and they loved it for that!
As the business grew so did the projects they were involved. Period conversions and redevelopments were quickly replaced by land acquisitions and new build projects. They are now retained on projects of up to 150 units with land values in excess of £15M per site and contract values of up to £10M. Despite this they have remained true to their founding principal of using creative design to build beautiful yet functional spaces, while applying high quality construction methodology.
They both have a passion for property and feel unbelievably lucky to be running a successful business, which they are passionate about and enjoy so much. This shines through in all the projects they are retained on. When they aren’t running style and space or spending time with their young families, Rob can often be found on the golf course working on his single figure handicap or giving someone a tennis lesson – he used to be a pro! While Tom spends most weekends on the water at his beloved beach house indulging in his life long passion of windsurfing and Kitesurfing.
The last 7 years have been a fantastic experience and It will be interesting, exciting and fun to see where Style & Space goes in the next 7 years – watch this space or better still give us a call and become a part of it!
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